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Ordering is easy following the examples below.  However, before placing a purchase order, a buyer must complete the name, address and telephone number information fields on their My Account page.

No problem. GemTrada has a site-wide return policy that states that a buyer can return an item for any reason by contacting the store within 5 days of receipt of the item. Our policies also include helpful step-by-step guidelines to ensure a smooth returns process and an enjoyable buying experience. See the return policy.

GemTrada does not buy any items. If you have an item that you would like to sell and you have found a store on our site that sells similar items, you may want to consider contacting them. To contact a GemTrada store, click the Email Store Owner button on any of the store pages.

In addition, we cannot answer questions about the value, authenticity, age, history, markings, or other details about any item you have. We recommend that you try one or more of the following solutions:
Search our site for similar items for sale to help you research the answer to your questions. All items on GemTrada can be found with our one page search. You will find Search at the top center of our
Ask your question on our Facebook page. You must be registered with Facebook and like our page on Facebook.

However, before a buyer places an order, they must complete the name, address, and phone number fields on their My Account page.

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