Verified Sellers

If you have an item that you would like to sell and you have found a store on our site that sells similar items, you can create an account as a seller and you must be accepted by the GemTrada experts.

There are two types of sellers on GemTrada: (important only for gemstones)
1) Regular sellers with no or less experience with the gemstones.
2) Verified sellers they know what they are selling and they are listed on the store name. The buyers then have more confidence in what they buy from verified sellers.

To obtain a verified seller you must be a graduate of gemological academy or else you must have one of the certificates:
FEEG (Federation European Exemanitation Graduation)
ACED (Academy of Gemology)
Other Academy in Europe.
(if your Academy is not on the list, let us know)

Verified seller should be able to write a report for gemstones. Authenticated sellers have access to the entire system.